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Kidscity Activities
Our Kidscity Activities will challenge and develop
your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.
Our center provides many educational Kidscity Activities to keep your kids engaged. They learn when playing.

About Kidscity Montessori Pre School

Kidscity Montessori is a Early Learning School, where our faculty and the wider school community reflect the shared vision, commitment and energy necessary to ensure the educational success of every student.

  • We believe that children are born Ready, Able and Eager to learn.
  • They actively reach out to interact with other people and in the world around them.
  • Each unique child having opportunities to interact in Positive Relationships and Enabling Environment.
  • In Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the highly trained teacher offer premium quality Montessori study materials.
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Admission Open
M1 ( Playschool), M2 (LKG)


Admission open for M1 (Playschool), M2 (LKG), Classes for the Academic Year 2023-2024.

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Our center provides the following Kidscity Services

Learn through play

Children learn through play Toys are fun, but toys are also tools that help children learn about themselves and the world around them. Play is critical to the healthy growth and development of children. As children play, they learn to solve problems, to get along with others and to develop the fine and gross motor skills needed to grow and learn.

Education Kidscity Services

Love & Care provides a planned curriculum for children. The program is geared to meet the needs and promote the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of the children. We provides and follows premium quality Montessori study materials.

Toys and Games

Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage Baby playing with a toy You are here Home Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage In addition to being safe, good toys for young children need to match their stages of development and emerging abilities. The right toy will help in improving your kids' hand-eye coordination, creativity, and imagination

Child Care

It has been found that having young children in quality care environments is beneficial. Both language proficiency and cognitive function have been found to improve among children who attend sessions at Kidscity Montessori.

Love and Care

We envision that the children who get their start at Love & Care will benefit tremendously from their experience with us and as a result, grow into productive, life long learners with the desire to succeed in their future endeavors no matter how great or small! As a result, children learn the roles & rules of society. Lets build the future with love and care.

Physical Activity

It also improves the child's cardiovascular fitness. Physical Kidscity Activities helps in the development of better motor skills and in concentration and thinking skills - Children who have higher levels of physical activity likely to be more active even after they mature.

Our Goal

Our goal is to instill an enthusiasm for lifelong learning and a sense of global awareness in each student, along with necessary skills to prepare them for the challenges and changes which lie ahead.
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Montessori Kidscity Activities

Kidscity Montessori is a happy and exciting experience for children. Within the context of concept-based learning, we provide a wealth of experiences in a safe and relaxed environment.

  • A trained Montessori teacher who follows the child and is highly experienced in observing
    the individual child's characteristics, tendencies, innate talents, and abilities.
  • Specialized educational materials developed by Montessori and her collaborators
    often made out of natural, aesthetic materials such as wood rather than plastic.
  • Freedom within limits.

The Montessori method views the child as the one who is naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Montessori Kidscity Activities in classrooms, children make creative choices in their learning children work in groups and individually to discover and explore the knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.
Children can bring through their own experience and at their own pace and also build a solid foundation for life-long exercises of and practical life.
The Montessori Sensor Kidscity Activities develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills.

Montessori Curriculum

The classroom curriculum for children from 3 to 6 years old is divided into four working areas:

Practical Life: These are Kidscity Activities that aim to the care of the person, of others and of the physical environment where they live in. These Kidscity Activities include tasks that are familiar to the child: washing, polishing, setting the table, arraging flowers, etc. They also include Kidscity Activities of "grace and courtesy", which are part of all civilized people. Through these and other Kidscity Activities, children achieve coordination and control of movement and exploration of his/her surroundings. Children learn to complete a task from beginning to end, they develop their will, self-discipline, the capacity of concentration and self-confidence.

Sensorial: Children at this age learn through senses more than through their intellect. The sensorial materials are tools for children to refine each of their senses. Each material isolates a specific quality: smell, size, weight, texture, flavour, colour, etc. In this preschool age, when children are "bombarded" with sensorial information, these materials allow them to find order and meaning to the world, raising his/her capacity of perception, favouring observation and a sense of admiration for everything that surrounds him/her.

Language: When the child enters an environment at age 3, they enrich the language that they had already acquired. They are capable of using it intelligently with precision and beauty, slowly realizing its properties. They learn to write, starting with their senses (hearing and touching), and as a natural consecquence they learn to read. As an extension of language Kidscity Activities, children learn about geography, history, art and music. These areas help the child to know his/her surroundings and to realize the place the child occupies in this world. They teach him to respect and love for his/her environment, and they create a sense of solidarity with all humanity and his/her habitat.

Mathematics: The materials help the child to learn and understand mathematical concepts when working with concrete materials that lead him/her intuitively to abstract concepts. They offer him/her sensorial impressions of the numbers and set the foundations for algebra and geometry.